Sell Tickets

Online Ticket Sales

Forget about pages and pages of confirmations just to buy one ticket, and give your customers a hassle-free ticket buying experience. Ripticket offers a simplified interface and less clicks, making the entire process easy for return customers and first time buyers.
One Click RSVP’s

Make it very easy and straightforward for your guests to reply. If you’re uploading their email and name in advance – that info is prefilled for them.

Unique Accounts

Guests are put through a clever process that results in a unique account – by way of their email address, phone number, member number, Facebook Login, and more.

Recurring Events

The system will generate you new events every week, pre-configuring your settings and auto-adding all of your staff/promoters.

Add Check-in Notes

All notes and changes are synced in realtime to every connected iPad and iPhone for checkin.

Keep it Simple

Easier process = more ticket sales

Keep Your Brand 

Built for speed, simplicity.

Designed to be clean and fully brandable.

Event Settings

Fine tuned control over every aspect of the event page, styling, graphics, access settings, and more.

Embeddable Widget

Integrate a popup order form onto your own website so guests never leave your website when placing an order.

Support & Further Customization

Need something tweaked? We want to help make it perfect for you. Just drop us a line. You will never be left stranded with a half-finished page.

Customizable and Brandable

Upload a custom background image, banner, adjust colors, and even get access to add custom CSS and JS styling (for the coders out there)

Market, Promote & Share

Ripticket helps you leverage the power of online marketing to make your event go viral. You can create custom URLs to keep your event pages at the top of search results. Communicate with your Ripticket customer database by utilizing the Email Outbox. Draft an email to update attendees or promote future events to past customers completely within the system.
  • Custom Promotions

    Flat rate discounts, percents, specific user logged in as, share requirement, popup, inline-upsell, and much more.

  • Promoter Check-In Performance

    Flat rate discounts, percents, specific user logged in as, share requirement, popup, inline-upsell, and much more.

  • Email Campaigns

    Track opens, clicks, bounces, spam reports, and more. Like your own software? No problem – export all your needed data (barcodes, links) to a CSV and go nuts

  • Custom Stock Levels

    Share the workload by assigning tickets to other agents or groups.

  • Trackable Links

    Create unique links for tracking and visibility purposes. Create just a named link, or link it to a staff/promoter from your account.

  • Link Settings

    In depth control whether its requiring a password, converting the link to a staff members account, customizing text, and more.

  • Link Stats

    Track just about anything. Unique views, purchases, conversions, tickets, guestlists, and more.

  • Link Visibility

    Customize certain tickets or products to show on different links. Good for things like special discounts. Alternative to promo codes.

All Events All Sizes

We’re with you every step of the way


Registering many thousands of guests becomes orders of magnitude harder as many ticketing systems crumple as soon as you break the hundreds. We have a proven track record delivering full service event management to events of over ten thousand attendees – both at time of purchase and at the gate.


All of our pages are 256-bit SSL encrypted and PCI Compliant. Credit Card data never even passes through our servers – they are sent directly from the customers browser to the banking portal. This ensures that even if our database is compromised – no billing information can be leaked.


Our site serves the most minimum possible amount of content to ensure blazing fast load times. All of our content is distributed across many datacenters all over the world to ensure lowest possible latency.

Account Management

When events become larger than a thousand people – it’s very important for you to have dedicated help and support throughout the entire onsale and checkin. We offer full-service account management, onsite checkins, and more. Please contact us for details.

Get Social

Social media has a major role in the success of any event. Reach new audiences by motivating customers to share events through Facebook and Twitter through Ripticket Social Rewards. Social Rewards offers a a discount on ticket service fees, in exchange for posts, likes and tweets about your event. With the right buyer, even one purchase can lead to hundreds of potential customers.
Social Sharing Discounts & Incentives

Implement sharing incentives during checkout, such as receive $2 for sharing. The system takes care of generating a unique tracking link, to monitor conversions for you.

Message Friends

Quickly send a uniquely tracked link to guests all within the event page. We take care of tracking anyone that further visits using that guests link.

Social Share Rewards

have a guest share the event on facebook and offer a discount in return. Every link that gets shared is unique and generated on the fly in order to associate directly to the guest sharing it. This builds out a social tree graph of wonderful referral data.

Login With Facebook

Use our login app so your guests can easily purchase tickets without creating an account.