The Future Of Ticketing

All Events

All Sizes!

Discrete Inventory Units

Refunds, returns, exchanges all get complicated. But not when you have fine-grained tracking into individual units of inventory (tickets, merch, products).

Integrate Membership Card

Student cards, Member IDs, Badge Number, Corporate ID, magstripe, barcode, you name it – can all be integrated and used to check in, instead of a traditional ticket.

Product Configuration

On sale, end sale, per order limits, and more.

Customizable and Brandable

Upload a custom background image, banner, adjust colors, and even get access to add custom CSS and JS styling (for the coders out there)

Go green! Go mobile! Ripticket helps support our world’s future by encouraging less waste.

Product Packages

Advanced configuration to make the day of the event easier. For example, sell a Hotel Package that includes 4 VIP tickets, and a bottle of champagne. All tracked when scanned at the door.

Product Configuration

On sale, end sale, per order limits, and more.

DIY Fields

Build your form to collect exactly the information you need.

Social Share Rewards

have a guest share the event on facebook and offer a discount in return. Every link that gets shared is unique and generated on the fly in order to associate directly to the guest sharing it. This builds out a social tree graph of wonderful referral data.

Ticketing is a vital extension of your promotion.

Do More.

Trackable Links

Create unique links for tracking and visibility purposes. Create just a named link, or link it to a staff/promoter from your account.

Social Sharing Discounts & Incentives

Implement sharing incentives during checkout, such as receive $2 for sharing. The system takes care of generating a unique tracking link, to monitor conversions for you.

Smart Fields

Some fields can do smart things like auto update a guests phone number on file, add a message to their guestlist, and more.

Add Guests By SMS

Very popular. Like email, but SMS. Simply add your staff’s phone numbers. Guests get tracked. Great for last minute adds.

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