The Future Of Ticketing

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Track Status

Whether you are using our email campaign tools or not, we help you track whether a guest has marked attending or not – and if not, we provide insight to why (unsubscribed, never opened, etc).

Order Details

Line items, status, emails, opens, clicks, payments, all the tools you need to monitor incoming sales and serve your guests.

Integrate Membership Card

Student cards, Member IDs, Badge Number, Corporate ID, magstripe, barcode, you name it – can all be integrated and used to check in, instead of a traditional ticket.

Email Campaigns

Track opens, clicks, bounces, spam reports, and more. Like your own software? No problem – export all your needed data (barcodes, links) to a CSV and go nuts.

Go green! Go mobile! Ripticket helps support our world’s future by encouraging less waste.

Add Guests By Email

Simply send an email to guestlist@ripticket.com like shown. The sender of the email will be automatically linked to the names added for staff/promoter tracking.

Form Pre-Requirements

Link got out? Not to fear, the page can be locked down based on email, invite code, and more.

Embeddable Widget

Integrate a popup order form onto your own website so guests never leave your website when placing an order.

Clean Beautiful Event Pages

When selling tickets or accepting form requests, you can use our great looking event pages. Or don’t: integrate the form/order widget separately on your own website.

Ticketing is a vital extension of your promotion.

Do More.

Trackable Links

Create unique links for tracking and visibility purposes. Create just a named link, or link it to a staff/promoter from your account.

One Click RSVP’s

Make it very easy and straightforward for your guests to reply. If you’re uploading their email and name in advance – that info is prefilled for them.

Link Stats

Track just about anything. Unique views, purchases, conversions, tickets, guestlists, and more.

Social Share Rewards

have a guest share the event on facebook and offer a discount in return. Every link that gets shared is unique and generated on the fly in order to associate directly to the guest sharing it. This builds out a social tree graph of wonderful referral data.

We believe in helping your event reach its
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