The Future Of Ticketing

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All Sizes!

Promoter Check-In Performance

How many they added, who showed up, what time, and any additional info such as notes, check in types, etc.

Check-In Summary

Get a full snapshot of ticketed attendees, guest lists, comps, and more.

Add Guest Form

When you just need to add one guest at a time.

Check-In Types

Everyone tracks different things at the door. A nightclub wants to know gender and what they paid. A PR event wants to know if someone was given a gift bag. Track it all.

Go green! Go mobile! Ripticket helps support our world’s future by encouraging less waste.

Clean Beautiful Event Pages

When selling tickets or accepting form requests, you can use our great looking event pages. Or don’t: integrate the form/order widget separately on your own website.

Add Guests By Email

Simply send an email to guestlist@ripticket.com like shown. The sender of the email will be automatically linked to the names added for staff/promoter tracking.

Add Check-in Notes

All notes and changes are synced in realtime to every connected iPad and iPhone for checkin.

Add Guest Form

When you just need to add one guest at a time.

Ticketing is a vital extension of your promotion.

Do More.

Form Actions

Automatic actions to take: send guest an email, send you a notification, sync to a Mailchimp list, auto-add them to the guestlist, and more.

Single Barcode Issued

Guests receive one barcode that can be used for any and all of the tickets on their account.

Multiple Ticket Types

Have as many ticket types as you’d like. They can be imported via CSV, assigned when sold online, or via the box office.

Custom Stock Levels

Share the workload by assigning tickets to other agents or groups.

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